Marathon complete

Technologically, this course helped my communication skills by teaching me programs and techniques I never used. This was the first time I used Soundslides and used audio to narrate a story that was also being told simultaneously over photos and video. This was also the first time since high school I’ve filmed and edited a video, but this was time I did it on my own. I’m proud to say that I now have two quality video pieces that I am proud to add to my portfolio. Technique wise, I learned about the five shot rule, which is what I consistently used throughout my Taste of StMU video.

Visually, I’ve grown a better eye when it comes to shooting video. As I mentioned before, the five shot rule taught me a lot about what types of shots are needed to visually tell an appealing story. When doing the initial five shot tutorial video, in the short length of the film, the shots edited together of my roommate playing a video game was intriguing. This proved to me that, even with the lack of narration, video shot right can be strong enough to tell a story.

Interpersonally, this video is one of the best I could’ve taken for my desired career. I have five solid products to add to my portfolio, and I learned effectively multiplatform reporting and storytelling. This course helped me gain confidence and now I can think, “I’ve done it before, I can do it again,” when it comes to any projects dealing with photography, audio and video. It also made me think about finding a story and now, with what I know, I can analyze on how best to present that story—whether it be through written text, photography, audio or video. That is, to me, what good reporting and storytelling is about.

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